1990’s TO 2008

The company Caledonia Australis was founded in the early
1990’s by a group of Melbourne based wine enthusiasts who
shared a common goal of creating classical Burgundian styled
wines. Martin Williams MW was engaged as foundation
winemaker and the journey began.Initially in partnership with Phillip Jones from Bass Phillip, the group chose small vineyard sites around the town of
Leongatha to specific criteria and began planting. The
partnership soon dissolved but the vineyard sites were planted
and the first vintage was produced in 1999.


Mark Matthews began working with Caledonia
Australis in 2008 after acquiring the major vineyards and
assuming day to day responsibility for managing vineyards and
winemaking. In late 2009 the Matthews family also acquired
both brands and stock thus turning Caledonia Australis and
Mount Macleod into a small family domain, surely the truest structure for the original Burgundian vision.

from the fertile soils of Leongatha, Gippsland Australia